Lisa Mercedez Ready To Marry Vybz Kartel & Have Kids, Insist She’s Not Crazy

Lisa Mercedez insists she’s not crazy and is ready to get married and have babies with Vybz Kartel.

Lisa Mercedez seemingly has a knack for mixing business with pleasure, first through her relationship with fellow UK-based dancehall artiste Stylo G and now with the ‘Dons and Divas topman, Vybz Kartel. However, it seems Saturday’s Onstage interview with Winford Williams only sparked more concerns over her mental stability, with many dancehall fans pegging her as being touched with a bit of the ‘crazies’ for being in a relationship with someone who may not be eligible for parole for the next two and a half decades.

Rumors began flying of a possible relationship when Kartel and Lisa dropped off their sultry love song, “Real Love.” Lisa Mercedez made the relationship public during the heights of the squabble for the First Lady of the Gaza throne, and relayed that her reason for breaking the news is that her life is an “open book.” While never crossing paths with her current beau, Lisa has held her place as Vybz Kartel’s current love interest ever since conducting her interview with Dj Lava nearly a month ago.

On that note, host Winford Williams decided to query the origins of the union. “That one is a sticky one yea,” she said with a British accent. “Obviously we don’t meet cause the man is incarcerated.” She then confirmed that they communicate through the Telegram app.

As the interview continued, a proud declaration of her love for the Teacha drew laughter from Winford, forcing her to explain the depth of her feelings for the Gaza Boss. “This is so deep yea- but people nah go really understand it. Me have such a spiritual connection with this guy – a spiritual communication, a spiritual connection,” said the “Talk to Mi Nice” deejay. “Some people will understand it but some people nah go get it but it’s very very deep … but uno ago get it inna due time.”

The host pointed out the obvious trolling she must have received for her revelation, to which she confirmed, “They think I am crazy. Dem a call mi di crazy British girl and people in their mind saying this girl is mad.”

However, Mercedez, the mother of 2, is not here for the clout and has relayed that she is looking for, “Marriage, kids,” and to go “all the way.” Quite an interesting fete since she would be required to wait over 26 years to bring those plans to fruition.

Lisa Mercedez shared a four-year relationship with Stylo G and now shares parental duties for their 6-year-old daughter. On the other hand, Vybz Kartel has been blessed with seven kids, 3 of which are with his common-law wife Tanesha ‘Shorty’ Johnson, who currently heads the Short Boss Muzik label.

After revealing her future plans for the relationship, the Winford decided to question the reality of the situation since Shortly is still a staple in the 44-year-old entertainer’s life.

“I have never met this lady before; I never spoke this lady, so I am not in a three-way relationship. I am in a relationship with Adijah Palmer, aka Vybz Kartel. So I am not in a relationship with his whoever you call her. It is a two-way thing between me and him. I don’t know about what’s going on with them; I know about what’s going on with me and him,” she firmly stated.

Towards the end of the chat with Winford, she expressed that having a collaboration with Vybz Kartel has always been a dream of hers. She praised the most recent project offloaded by Vybz Kartel and the significant impact the features have on giving young entertainers a helping hand.

She also announced her plans to head back to Jamaica once travel restrictions are lifted, hopefully, at that time she will be able to fully commit to her love.

At least one fan who commented below the interview uploaded to the Onstage Youtube channel seemed to have understood Lisa’s plight. “No disrespect but Lisa is just one gyal outta a million who wish they are kartel woman including myself,” she wrote.

One person felt that the entertainer divulged just a bit too much during her interview. He said, “Lisa Mercedez you need media training some of the stuff you said was not necessary… Best of luck on the career.”

However, not all comments were tame in nature. Below a post on her Instagram page promoting her new single “Pressure Dem” one person wrote, “Yuh nah pressure a soul you only have access to s__king and lick out b__ty move you bloodc___t shorty carry the title and have access to bank account yuh Lil octopus d___o tongue gal gweh.”

The entertainer shot back with a fierce, “guh sym and stop call up people name pon mi page… weh Di f__k my song title affi do wid unu.”

“go l__k out yuh m__ma back way gal when she just done sh_t have respect fi yuh stepmother gal yuh father never teach any manners,” the troll shot back.

Lisa Mercedez did not provide any additional responses, but a couple of her fans came to her defense in the comment section.

Only time will tell how far their relationship goes if she is not capping. They could have a strong shot at love if Vybz Kartel’s appeal at the Privy Council in the UK goes in his favor.