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Judge Denied Kodak Black’s Appeal For Lesser Sentence For Gun Case

Kodak Black case

Kodak Black will remained behind bars for some time.

Kodak Black’s circumstances were starting to look up after charges filed against him in his home state of Florida were dropped earlier this month, shortening his sentence by as much as fifteen years. The rapper is currently behind bars in Big Sandy, a maximum-security penitentiary in Kentucky. However, according to Bossip, Kodak’s recent appeal, which sought to further shorten his sentence, has now been rejected. The U.S. Court of Appeals has reviewed Kodak’s request and determined that he should continue to serve his current sentence of 46 months in prison.

Kodak’s lawyers built a case for his appeal on the fact that an error occurred during his previous sentencing when he was considered to have a more extensive criminal record than he actually does. Kodak was apparently mistaken for having a robbery conviction in a case in which he pled “no contest”. Kodak’s legal team, including lawyer Bradford Cohen, argued that this error should be remedied by shortening his sentence. However, the panel of judges ultimately determined that a “no contest” plea justifies their decision to uphold his sentence as they would for someone with a felony conviction.

Kodak Black is currently serving a sentence in relation to falsifying a firearms application, but his lawyers argue that he should be granted access to a lower security prison and drug treatment while he completes his time. Since he has been at Big Sandy, the rapper has allegedly endured brutal attacks and solitary confinement. Kodak has spoken out about his mistreatment, and his family and fans have been vocal in their advocacy for his freedom. Hopefully, Black will get the help he needs while incarcerated, and his legal team will be able to secure an early release for him in the near future.