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Stylo G Flaunts His Wealth In “Millions” Video

Stylo G is showing just how he spends his funds in his new song “Millions.”

Less than a week ago, Stylo G showed off his brand new red Range Rover with retractable door handles. This time Stylo is showing off one of the older cars in his collection, his sweet red Mercedes-Benz car. There is no point in throwing around cash if you do not have any friends and females to spend it on. So what does Stylo do? Well, he crams everyone into his car, and they all head out on to a road trip, which eventually gets converted to a sweet house party. There is really no shortage of females in the camp and Stylo sings about all of them, as he mentions, “Go Negril with another freak.”

He also represents London in the fullest, even though he confesses that he is not bragging. He deejays, “Make the pounds talk fi me a no brag thing, now me have the whole London a say mad thing.” The track follows Stylo’s usual pattern, which sees him tackling some super bouncy riddim tracks that only he seems to be able to ride. He does well with the delivery, and the track should see him bagging a couple more millions.

One UK fan saluted Stylo for keeping things consistent since 2014. “From stylo find the formula a pure bangers timeless ones two glad I ve been a fan since 2014 .uk pattern,” he wrote.

Go ahead and check out Stylo’s new song below.