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Stylo G Stunts On His Haters In New Keyless Range Rover

Stylo G has a fascination for things that are ‘Too Hot,’ and his brand new ride is feverishly stylish.

Judging by the various hashtags on his post announcing the new ride, the deejay touched down in his ?South London? and immediately copped what seemed to be a brand new Range Rover Velar. In a video showing off two of the key features of the midsize SUV, Stylo can be seen using the remote control on his phone to start his new candy-red machine. Another cool feature of the ride is put on display when the previously invisible door handles glide out to meet Stylo after he engages the fingerprint scanner to unlock the doors before entering the posh ride.

“Stop use car key,” he boasted in the comments before referring to the machine as a #spacecraft. He continued by referencing the actions in his video while mentioning what could be seen as his secret to success. “Yo dawg how yu start yu car wid yu phone fam leave it alone #WUKHARD #AsMiLanMiJustCopNoChat #LookintomyeyesSeemiStillAworktired #LEADER.”

The “Dumplin'” man added a few additional videos to his Instagram Stories, which captured himself and friends cruising along the rainy England streets, while one of his latest songs, “Too Hot,” gets blasted from the speakers.

With prices starting at £45,701, copping the brand new ride is no small fete. However, Stylo is no stranger to luxury cars and regularly sports his bright Mercedez Benz CLA through the streets of Jamaica.

It only made sense for Stylo G to link up with another Jamaican who knows a thing or two about luxury cars for his next release. With that in mind, Stylo G is getting ready to drop the brand new “Too Hot” remix with Jamaican-born cricketer-turned artiste Chris Gayle.

“JUST START @chrisgayle333 U READY world. We BRAIN GO Out the Box. Celebrity Remix WITH THE LIVING LEGEND, he penned in the comment section. Gayle, the owner of a gold and black Bently, also spoke about the release on his Instagram page.