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Lizzo Announces Juneteenth Silent Raffle And Auction While Posing Nude

Lizzo wants you to put your money where your mouth is.

Lizzo is no novice to making bold statements, and she particularly enjoys being thought-provoking by showcasing her curvaceous body to the whole world. This time, however, she strips down and goes naked to promote a worthy cause, Juneteenth.

Juneteenth is a significant day in black history, as it signifies the day the last of the slaves in Texas were finally given freedom. Today, June 19th, many have taken to social media to celebrate this monumental day. This includes singer Lizzo who took the opportunity to make a stand and use her powers and platform for good. In her signature show-stopping fashion, she posted a video on Instagram about the cause.

Entirely in the nude, with only her floor-length tresses skillfully covering her lady bits, Lizzo announced her special Juneteenth silent auction and raffle, which will allow her to donate to various black-owned businesses and organizations that cater specifically to the Black community. Sitting in a dark staircase, lit only by red candles, which creates a pleasing ambiance, Lizzo is naked from head-to-toe. At first glance, you may think they’re about to witness some sexual presentation when Lizzo greets us with the biggest and brightest smile.

She welcomes fans, “Happy Juneteenth, y’all,” before getting into the meat of the matter. “This year, we’re doing Juneteenth in a major way. Not only are we celebrating a Black American holiday, but I’m holding a silent auction and a raffle, so we can give back to Black organizations and businesses specifically in the Twin Cities. So go to LizzoLovesYou.com to sign up to have an interactive experience with me whether virtual or on the road, depending on the future of COVID, and also participate in a silent auction with some of my favourite people and artists,” she eloquently states.

The video footage then spontaneously switches to an endearing close-up view of Lizzo during which she flips her hair and once again bids her fans to head over to her website. She closes by stating, “and celebrate Juneteenth by giving back to Black.” Upon visiting her website, you are informed that donations will go to Minneapolis Sanctuary Movement, Black Women Speak, Black Church Food Security Network, and HeadCount.

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Fans are then made aware of the various celebs that are participating in the auction, “Calling on a few of my favorite artists Missy Elliott, Janelle Monae and Tracee Ellis Ross, these extraordinary women were able to donate priceless costumes and incredible products.”

In closing, “Thank you for supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, Black businesses and these incredible organizations. Change is coming let’s make change together,” Lizzo proudly declared.

We at Urban Islandz whole-heartedly support the Juneteenth celebration and #BlackLivesMatter.