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Lil Baby’s Baby Mama Ayesha Addresses Rumored Beef With Jayda Cheaves

Lil Baby’s girlfriend and his baby mama are good.

Civility over anarchy is the message Lil Baby’s ex Ayesha is sending, as she blasts persons looking to disrupt the precious equilibrium between her, her son, and the rapper’s girlfriend, Jayda Cheaves. The relationship between Jayda and Ayesha’s has been a relatively checkered one, with both women taking to social media back in January to throw some pretty heavy shades at each other. It started after Jayda questioned what are the steps that a female should be taking in order to keep her man.

It seems that the months following the heated rants have been marked by growth, and the women are now hellbent on moving forward in positivity. This could be the reason why Ayesha snapped at persons who decided to stir drama after her son walked into the kitchen while Jayda was conducting an IG LIVE video. It should be noted that the entrepreneur quickly ended the video to tend to Jason after she noticed that the toddler.

“Ya’ll creating fake pages to show me Jason walked in on jayda’s live?” Ayesha questioned. She proceeded to share her thoughts on the loving relationship her son and his stepmother share. “I personally think it’s a beautiful sight, my son is in the presence of his dad’s girlfriend/stepmother.”

She expressed that her son even had a “smile” on his face, which definitely reflects that he is happy around Jayda. This is a monumental accomplishment since a loving relationship between a child and his stepmom is one of the hardest bonds to form.

In keeping with her positive tone, she urged the persons behind the move to instigate the drama to place their energies elsewhere. “This is the way things should be, I can’t wait till you women find peace within yourselves so that you can stop trying to interrupt everyone else’s.”

“There is absolutely no drama between this family now go make peace with your own,” she added.

This is is an absolutely wonderful powerplay from the females in Lil Baby’s life, as not only does this save Lil Baby a ton of baby mama drama, but it also makes for a healthy environment for little Jason.