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50 Cent Breakup With Cuban Link, Kicked Her Out His Mansion: Report

Did 50 Cent dumped Cuban Link and kicked her out his mansion?

It’s looking likely that 50 Cent may have “broken” his Cuban Link if social media is to be believed. Coronavirus has been tough on relationships. With couples quarantining together and being in each other’s space 24/7, COVID-19 has claimed more casualties than just lives lost. The divorce rate saw a spike in China where the pandemic began, and even Saudi Arabian marriages have taken a hit as the enforced lockdown to curb the spread of the virus has left many break-ups in its wake. Now it seems as though Fifty and Cuban Link’s relationship may have bitten the bullet as well.

No one knew who the beauty was when she showed up on the New Yorker’s arm at the premiere of the sixth season of his show Power. But fans quickly learned that the lady was Jamira Haines, who most often went by her nickname and IG handle, Cuban Link.

The fitness trainer/aspiring lawyer began showing up on Fifty’s feed, and soon it was confirmed that she and the “Animal Ambition” rapper were an item. Over the past year, we’ve seen Cuban Link bring out Fifty’s sweet side, his sassy side, his jealous side, and his submissive side as the 25-year-old appears to have him wrapped around her little finger.

But it now appears as if the “power couple” is no more. While Fifty was once a common feature on her socials, Cuban has now deleted almost all evidence of her (former?) man and also posted a picture that made it seem as though she has moved back into her own apartment. Fifty is usually quite vocal on the ‘Gram and known to even troll, but has remained hush so far.

If the pair really have called it quits, we could be seeing a rather moody 50 Cent for the foreseeable future. In the meantime, Cuban Link is showing off all her glory on the Gram in her old apartment, perhaps even rubbing it in 50 Cent’s face.