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Meek Mill Defends B. Simone From Being Canceled For Plagiarism In Her Book

B. Simone has had a rough couple of weeks, but Meek Mill is throwing her a lifeline.

Just last week, B. Simone was severely dragged on social media for allegedly stating that she could not date someone who works a 9-5. The pressures of social media handed down a severe thrashing that led Simone to explain her statement. In a nutshell, she explained that she has no problem with someone who works a 9-5 job. However, for more convenient reasons, she would much rather date someone with an entrepreneur mindset.

The latest attack on the comedian comes at the top of claims that she plagiarized much of the content for her new self-help book, Baby Girl: Manifest the Life You Want. So far, numerous bloggers and content creators have used social media to provide evidence of their official work, some of which are presented in B. Simone’s book word for word.

With things already going left in this heartbreaking revelation, it seems B. Simone has at least one ally she can count on. Meek Mill, the man by the people and for the people, as come forward to publicly defend her integrity.

Before getting into the exact details of the book’s sketchy content, the Philly rapper blasted persons for what he sees as a displacement of their energies, which he felt should be directed to other big corporations who rip-off small businesses on a regular basis.

“B Simone canceled because she finnesed a book and made her way from the bottom lol what major companies y’all cancel for ripping our culture off?” he asked before concluding,” finding ways to display hate towards our own when they start doing good is showing amongst us a lot!”

“Give me ya point why a girl from where we come from should be canceled because she finnesed a lil bit.. I really wanna know how people really think?” he asked his over 10 million Twitter followers. Many of the critics lashing out against the situation, mentioned that she was in the wrong for finessing her own.

However, Meek still continued his protest against the move to silence B.Simone and drew on his own experience as an example. At least one fan decided to paint a clear picture of why the hate towards her was being channeled so heavily. “You never acted like you was too good to come from the hood. You never forgot where you came from even though your making millions and millions. She make a quick milli (off of scheming) and now she too good for everybody. Huge difference brotha,” he wrote.

Following the scrutinizing of his earlier rounds of tweets, Meek revealed that he was tackling the broader issue at hand. “I never even checked what she really did I’m just tired of seeing blacks canceling blacks … they got us ranked in last place already chill with that sh*t,” he declared. He also continued his lashing of the persons who have hopped onto the cancel B. Simone train. He wrote, “I see guys on here that shot whole neighborhoods up talking about b Simone canceled lol it’s really unbelievable.”

B. Simone’s manager, Mary Seats, better known as Mz Skittlez, has seemingly placed blame on a design company for the content at the center of the scrutiny. “Definitely a mistake you have to imagine she hired a design company,” she wrote in a comment. “Check your DMs. We are in a lawsuit with the firm.”

In light of Meek Mill’s comments, is B. Simone still canceled in your eyes?