B. Simone Gets Canceled On Twitter For Saying She Won’t Date 9-5 Men

B. Simone is getting dragged for saying she won’t date a man with a regular 9-5 job.

Dating is hard especially for entrepreneurs and B. Simone is now finding that out. Finding a person you connect with is hard. And sometimes it can be even harder when you’re a creative whose life doesn’t follow “normal” patterns. Many in the industry say they prefer dating someone who is also a part of the industry as they understand the crazy hours and the demands better than those who aren’t. B. Simone was recently asked to describe the type of guy she’d like to Netflix and chill with, but the public was not so on board with the answer she gave.

“He can’t have a 9 to 5 [job],” she told Nick Cannon, who offered to set her up on a blind date. “He can be a hustling entrepreneur.” Elaborating on her answer, the Wild ‘n Out star explained that she thought entrepreneurs should date other entrepreneurs as they could understand one another’s lifestyles, and that she would be keen on a CEO. Although Simone is perfectly entitled to her own opinion when it comes to the relationships in her life, those on Twitter felt as though she was reaching out of her league.

“B.Simone once stated that she only had $42 in her bank account, but now wants to shame 9-5 workers?” wrote one user. “Even some of the most successful entrepreneurs that i know aren’t up working 3 am.” Others claimed that Simone now thought that she was better than others who have “regular” jobs and has forgotten her roots.

B. Simone doesn’t seem to be taking the criticism to heart, though. She has made no attempt to hide her affection for someone one could definitely label a hustler — DaBaby — and the pair recently starred in a Wild & Out skit in which they got hitched. Aside from that, Simone has revealed on IG that she has not been intimate with anyone in 200 days.