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Pusha-T’s Manager Steven Victor Commits to Fighting Systemic Racism, Donates $1 Million

Pusha T’s longtime manager, Steven Victor, is making a major donation to fight racial injustice.

Steven Victor, Pusha T’s manager for many years, has spoken up against the injustices being faced by Black Americans and committed to dedicating $1 million to dismantling systemic racism. Victor also announced he will be launching the Victor Victor Foundation, a philanthropic branch of his company, Victor Victor Worldwide. In a statement to Variety, Victor explained, “The injustices against the black community that persist in our country, fueled by systemic racism and prejudice that lies within the criminal justice system and other institutions, must stop. No one should be conditioned to cope with the worst of humanity on a daily basis. That’s not what I want for my children or yours.”

Victor also announced his new foundation’s partnership with Vote Save America, explaining that the organization will be allocating time and resources to informing voters and increasing voter turnout for the upcoming election.

He also described the importance of creating youth programs, saying, “For me, mentorship from leaders in this industry has had an immeasurable impact on my career, but access has been hard won. I want to empower the generation of children of color and give them access to opportunities in business. And more importantly, the know how to exploit and grow those opportunities.”

The senior vice president of A&R at Universal Music Group also went on to describe how Pusha T encouraged him to get more involved, saying, “Our long-time friend and client, Pusha-T, challenged us to feed our cities and we accept that challenge. We’ll be in Brooklyn, NY and Flint, MI—my and my wife’s hometowns, cities that have given us so much—supporting families with grocery giveaways.” Victor added that the VVF will also be donating $25,000 to the Fund for Public schools in Brooklyn to help students who have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.