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Queen of Dancehall Spice Gets Special Seafood Treat At Majah Hype’s Mansion

Spice visited Majah Hype at his crib to chow down on some seafood and drink white wine.

The Queen of Dancehall and the King of Comedy recently had a Caribbean flavored linkup in Atlanta.
Taking a break from her week of activism, Spice touched down at Majah Hype’s Atlanta mansion for a little seafood and a lot of vibes. She’s been at the forefront and on the front lines of #BlackLivesMatter protests with her costars and seemed glad for a moment to kick back, telling him, “Majah mi nah lie, mi glad mi come outta mi house fi dis!” Who vex? Mi deh ah Majah mansion ah eat lobster and crab.” Fans were treated to a clip of their favorite diva dining alongside some close friends, including promoter and media personality @sadeonedon.

It was nothing short of a good time as the exited group cracked jokes, crab legs, and lobster bits while their host kept the food coming. Spice and Majah have become close since her relocation to Atlanta as a star on the hit TV series Love and Hip Hop. In the clip posted on her Instagram, they showed fans a bit of their lives outside of work mode and quarantine, as well as what’s possible when friends become like family. “So we dweet when time family forward enuh,” Majah is heard telling his guests. “Ah nuh everybody get dem treatment yah yuh undastand, an we nuh too like people yuh zimmi…”

Majah Hype, who hails from Dunkirk in Jamaica but who relocated to Brooklyn at a young age, was at odds with Swizz Beats a fortnight ago over his critique of the Jamaican Verzuz Battle. He cleared the air in a public apology to the super-producer though his entire ordeal resembled a PR stunt to many. This time around, he shoots for a genuine show of sincerity, leaving the cameras for the day to serve up seafood delights and much needed laughter to his sisters.

Majah’s brand of comedy uses the melting pot of Caribbean attitudes and accents as ammunition to deliver unfettered laughter to his audiences. Both himself and Spice were no doubt able to help a few fans shift focus from the heightened tensions and introspection taking place on a global scale. The comments were full of eager viewers and #seafoodlovers whose mouths were left watering for the lavish display. One fan commented saying, “Lol, I love it, I swear I didn’t understand anything that she just said, all I see is lobsters and crabs and I know I’m down for that!”