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Rihanna Blast Fan Who Says “Voting Ain’t Gon Change Sh*t”

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Rihanna is encouraging her fans to vote amidst the social justice crisis in America.

The protests for social justice and equality among races are still ongoing, and while legions of activists are standing up for the victims of police brutality, Rihanna is putting out a reminder to vote for real change. The campaign and street rallies make for a good and quite loud statement to influence change, but voting is the best way to activate change. That’s what global superstar Rihanna is trying to bring across to her fans and citizens of America.

In an Instagram post that she shared on Black Out Tuesday, Rihanna talked about the importance of voting so we can instate the right leaders. While the star definitely hit the nail on the head with her point, not everyone agreed that voting would make a difference. Alongside a photo that listed the states where voting was taking place on Tuesday (June 2), the singer scribed a passionate caption persuading everyone to make their voices be heard on the ballot.

“VOTE. Ya ain’t got sht else to do man! Get yo a* off the couch and go vote!!!” Rihanna encouraged. “I don’t wanna hear another excuse!! Stop believing that your vote and voice don’t matter! This the illest way to protest…vote for the change you want!!!”

It didn’t take long for naysayers to challenge the fashion mogul with retorts. One user took to the comments to say, “Voting ain’t gon change sht.” However, Rihanna maintained her position replying, “sick of hearing this! Ya know what ain’t gon change sht? Not doing sh*t!!!” she wrote.

Not every fan felt the same though, and a few even admitted that they just got done voting in their state. “I just stood in the sun for almost 3 hours to Vote in Indiana… My Voice will be heard Damn It,” one fan wrote. Another fan who found voting equally important as protesting said, “Ignorance is Bliss…..Big ups to The Bad Girl….We need to do it all tho Protest, Vote etc.”

We the people, are often debilitated by the notion that we have no power, but it is actually quite the opposite. It is after all our say that determines who runs our cities, counties, states and even the country. We even decide who makes it to the big race in the first place. It is imperative that we use that power and get out and vote rather than complain about who wins after the fact. Do you agree with Rihanna that voting for change is the best way to protest?

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