Alkaline Links With Jahvy Ambassador On “Ocean Wave”

Alkaline links with his go-to producer Jahvy Ambassador on his new song “Ocean Wave.”

The entire MVP makes an appearance on Tru Ambassador’s newest compilation, but it seems it was Alkaline’s track that was the last upload from the project to make it to Youtube. Is it that Jahvy was sprinkling just a bit more magic over the Vendetta’s track called “Ocean Wave?” Only Jahvy would be able to answer that one nonetheless, better late than never.

The release doesn’t disappoint, from a producer’s standpoint, Alkaline’s track gives more life into the various elements of the actual riddim track, more than any other song. This is because Jahvy gets a beautiful 32 bars at the beginning of the track to showcase the true melodic heart of the Soul Survivor Riddim. There is also some sentimental value behind this riddim, as the producer made it only days after surviving a terrible motor vehicle accident.

Alkaline does something different on his song, as he once again gives his fans a brand new flow, showing his versatility. Throughout the verse, he sings about the trends he has set and how there are a lot of copycats in the game, borrowing his style.

While Alkaline does flow through the verses, it’s the catchy chorus that really sells this song. He sings, “We de create waves like the ocean yea / When you de a bed and hear some loud explosion a we make the commotion dem / daven dance but them watch we every motion /thief all we slogan yea, we dweet first cause dem soft like lotion.”

The fans are clearly in tune with what The Manhimself is singing about. “Yow the picture is perfectly painted … You can just visualize the yute struggles and success … Wi deh ya from day one fam … A wi and yuh a go tru this … Do you ting mi Dj … New Level Unlock , New Rules , New Songs , New Slangs,” mentioned one person. The love from the fans is evident in the comments. No wonder the views have been rising exponentially since the release of the track.

Fans will have a chance to see Alkaline in action on April 25, 2020, as his New Rules concert makes a comeback at the National Arena.