112 & Jagged Edge ‘Verzuz’ Battle Overshadowed By Bad Audio & Beenie Man & Bounty Clash

112 and Jagged Edge battle on Verzuz was marred by audio issues as well as the success of Beenie Man and Bounty Killer’s clash two days prior.

Verzuz organizers promised a double dose for the Memorial Weekend, and while they delivered on their promise, it was pretty clear that one night outdid the other. The Verzuz fan base grew by more than 50% leading up to the Jamaican showdown, and the new fans were not too hesitant to share their feelings before and during the Memorial Day throwdown with two Atlanta based groups.

It’s safe to say that the nearly 3-month-old Verzuz campaign reached its high point in terms of internet connection, entertainment factor, and sound quality when it touched down in the paradise island of Jamaica last Saturday! The battles moved back to American soil on Memorial Day for a battle of the groups, Jagged Edge versus 112, or better yet, 56 since only two members from the once four men R&B hitmaking force remain.

Sadly, the comments leading up the clash were less than desirable. “Y’all not gone be more lit than Beenie and Bounty. Postpone this,” wrote one Verzuz follower.

“Bring back beenie and bounty killa they got more music!!!” shouted another. Another requested a part 2 of Saturday’s mega showdown, “Listen the first wifi interruption and Imma head out. Beenie and Bounty was running CRISP! Honestly, let’s just bring them back for round 2, and postpone this joint.”

The tribute for the ladies did go on, but things started out on a rocky note with Slim and Mike from 112 having to reconnect just to have their audio come through. While they were able to get things going, the entire battle was marked with terribly low audio from the JE men – another battle with severe technical difficulties.

While both groups threw down some of their best hits along with clever banters, the real jokes were left for the comment section and social media, as persons roasted the clash for its poor audio. The “Where the Party At?” boys, found themselves at the end of many of the jabs on social media.

“Why Jagged Edge sound like AM Radio???” questioned one listener. Before another viewer gave his take on it, “jagged edge playing their tracks from a iphone inside a cup in the other room.”

While last week’s battle between Ludacris and Nelly was also plagued with issues, at least one fan thought that this week inched on the same terrible trend, penning, “Lmaooo and here I thought Nelly having technology issues was funny.”

During the heat of the clash, Verzuz organizers cleared the air about the unavailability of proper equipment to achieve a desirable quality when the official page tweeted, “We send all the artists special sound equipment that we have worked on with @Roland_US, to help with sound, specifically for IG. Not everyone uses them #VERZUZ.”

Organizers Swizz and Timbaland have since issued a decree to all Verzuz participants, stating that they will not be able to participate in the battle unless they use the official equipment provided.

With such an explosive weekend behind us, fans cannot wait to see who’s up next as long as it’s not bombarded with technical difficulties.