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Vybz Kartel Drops “Thickiana” And “About Us” Videos For Your Weekend Watch List

Vybz Kartel new pic

“Thickiana” is not the first word that Vybz Kartel has coined since starting his musical career. However, it is surely shaping up to be one of the most used words for 2020, especially if we ever get to experience summer in the sun like we used to.

The new video for Vybz Kartel’s son “Thickiana” is here to explain just how effective the word is.

While it’s not hard to spot a “Thickana” while she is fully clothed, Romeich Entertainment and Vybz Kartel wanted to ensure that their new take on the concept showed as much skin as possible. Romeich, who also goes by the title director for the sake of this production, clearly recruited some of the badest and most voluptuous females in the game. As he rushes them onto the set, we get one last shot of the ladies in clothes before they strip down to a few strings and holding onto thin pieces of fabric guarding precious treasures.

“Thickana” is a true booty bouncing anthem and the ladies follow suit, as Vybz Kartel lays down his instructions with clever wordplays.

The shots captured by Wikid Media take us through rapidly interchanging scenes. These include scenes of the girls partying in the Romiech Entertainment bus, on the road while making a quick stop for gas, as well as some in-studio moments.

If there was a contest for the most exhilarating part of the video, it would definitely go to the in-studio moments when the ladies drown their ‘as*es in cow’s milk. While we applaud the lone dancer who helped to popularize the song, a handful of ‘thickianas’ is definitely better than one.

Vybz Kartel also comes through with some visuals for “About Us.”

Vybz Kartel and American based deejay and producer Bobby Konders have once again joined forces for a new collaboration titled “About Us.” The squeaky clean version of the song was premiered on Winford William’s Onstage Tv-show on May 16, 2020, which cause an uproar among some critics. Nonetheless, “About Us” should find its way onto the upcoming Massive B Vol 2 project.

The song and the video for “About Us” lifts a couple of elements from Micheal Jackson’s 1995 protest number “They Don’t Care About Us.” While the video doesn’t feature Vybz Kartel stomping on the streets of Jamaica, we do see different individuals in and around New York expressing their distaste for the ‘system’. The track also mimics the MJ piece meanwhile employing a funky retro dancehall bassline, which makes it perfect for Kartel to drop his nuggets of inspirations.

“Fresh from Kingston, giving you the wisdom, wisdom, weed and rizzla, every ghetto yute haffi mek it to the top, nutten nah gwan, Babylon …up,” he deejays on the new track that currently brimming with positivity.

“Ghetto yute watch yuh self, don’t trust, memba seh dem nuh give a damn about us, tell yuh pickney dem nuh nervous, dem nuh give a damn about us,” he continues in another line.

He also draws on inspirations from one Jamaica’s National Heros. “Been around the whole world, an suppn tell mi she wi nah learn, unity time right now start work, no unuh self, Marcus Garvey words,” he continues.

The video for “About Us” can be streamed below.