Romeich Drops Feel-Good Anthem “We Rise” Ft. Shenseea, Konshens, Ding Dong & More

Ding Dong Romeich wedding

“We Rise” is just the song we need right now and Romeich executed its delivery flawlessly.

The onset of the deadly COVID-19 and the governments’ strategies to combat it has halted many of life’s greatest joys that are usually experienced outdoors. It has also limited the earning potential of a large cross-section of able-bodied workers around the world. Like many other nations, Jamaicans has also been forced to stay in and limit outside contact. Sadly, this has left many families without steady cash flow. Some of Jamaica’s largest charities and philanthropic groups, have put their muscles to the work to help keep the population fed as we, whether the economic storm.

While Romeich Entertainment is not classified as a charitable organization, it too has been at the forefront of the fight against the economic downturn faced by many Jamaican families since the outbreak.

What started as an initiative by music executive and entrepreneur Romeich to help out a few families has turned into helping hundreds. He has now shifted focus to helping thousands by releasing a brand new compilation track and video to help spread the message that there is strength in numbers, even while maintaining social distancing protocols.

“We Rise” takes the same form as the 1980’s tribute track “We Are the World,” which featured some of the biggest names in music at the time. “We Rise” features some of the current juggernauts in the Jamaican music fraternity, with many of the stars emerging from the Romeich Entertainment camp. TeeJay, Kash, Shenseea, Kemar Highcon, Ding Dong, Konshens, and Tarrus Riley all lend their voices to the uplifting track.

The song opens with Romeich giving a short speech while on his way to distribute care packages to affected families. “In this time of pain and sufferation, I have been going around, along with the team helping …over 700 families so far, and continuing…still working and still striving,” he expresses before Konshens provides a truly moving intro.

“So much sacrifice, lets just do what’s right, think about the future, lets help save our lives, we’re in this together, let us all unite, together we fight, lets just live not die,” he sings. This same message is conveyed by the other talents throughout the entirety of the song.

Videographer Deth also comes through with some moving shots of other recent outbreaks and natural disasters that have rocked the world. Those grim shots or defused by scenes of the entertainers laying down their vocals in the studio and the Romeich Entertainment team distributing care packages to the needy.

As well as instilling hope to the nation, the song has also seemingly helped to bring light to the young entertainer Kash.

“We all will rise because wi a star,” wrote one fan before showing some love to Kash, “big up kash him reach the level him have real singing voice up youth. bless up all the artist them good romiech entertainment up movement fi the youth them straight.”

“Wanted to hear more of Kash… But the song good still,” commented another.

“We Rise” follows on the heels of another Jamaican compilation, titled “We Are,” which was produced by NotNice and featured 15 different voices singing for a better cause.