Love & Hip Hop ATL: Spice & Tokyo Vanity Brawl With Akbar V At Album Reveal Party


Spice and Tokyo Vanity gets into a huge brawl with Akbar V at her album reveal party.

Tensions among the cast members reached a feverish boiling point on the impromptu season finale of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. The show’s top mischief-maker, self-proclaimed Queen of Atlanta, Akbar V ruffled a few feathers as she usually does. However, this time she only narrowly escaped a beatdown from the other girls on the show, including Spice. To understand the dynamics of the final showdown, one must understand the nature of the main antagonist Akbar V. The Atlanta monarch, has regularly picked issues with various persons on the show as a way to show her dominance and superiority.

She is also known for bashing anybody on the show looking to do music in her city without her consent. The same treatment was issued to Spice upon her entry to the show, but after what almost turned out to be an attack from Spice during open table discussion, things went cold. Spice and Akbar V hashed out their differences, and the Atlanta queen was even invited to Spice’s event to promote her business venture, Faces & Laces, under one condition, she did not spark any drama or fights.

The event that took place some months ago was also to promote a new single from her upcoming album, produced by Shaggy. However, Spice was not able to truly deliver her performance as a result of the squabbles throughout the event.

While she was unable to deliver a performance to the live audience and the viewers of the Love & Hip Hop episode, she still got a chance at another televised performance. As part of their link-up, Shaggy, Spice, and Rayvon teamed up to provide a thrilling performance in Las Vegas, which was shown on the most recently aired episode of The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart.

In reference to what took place in Atlanta, Akbar immediately started to instigate drama upon entering the venue. She started by throwing a drink on fellow cast member Shekinah with whom she also has beef. She also proceeded to attack rapper and fellow cast member Light Skin Keisha and continued her rant to Karlie Redd, who was standing close to Spice. The Queen of Dancehall was clearly fed up with the downward spiral of her event and proceeded to defend her other guests against the wrath of Akbar.

Spice’s violent advances were ultimately blocked by security officers in the same way that they were during the table talks months ago. An inraged Akbar V continued her rant by trashing the showcase mannequins erected around the venue, which further channeled Spice’s rage. “You can’t come mash up mi things, mi wuk hard for my career and the only %%$ opportunity to hear mi song and you come mash up mi something,” express Spice, as Akbar continued to toss items while being drawn outside by security.

With the troublemaker and her other 3 rivals now on the outside, it didn’t take long for Akbar to decide to make a getaway. However, with tempers still flaring, the other three ladies decided to pursue their target, which resulted in a high-speed chase through the streets of Atlanta. Akbar was finally apprehended, however, luckily missed a bashing from her co-stars after security intervened.

While the chase marked the high point of the episode, things were really heating up in real life, and the beef was transferred to social media.

Spice wrote, “yesssss Akbar, I’m so proud of you girl. Keep “fighting” your way to the top don’t stop.” Akbar didn’t take the sarcastic shade lightly and fired back by stating,” Thank u and u keep bleaching one day you will get to be as light as you want.”

Colorism has always been a touchy point for Spice, who regularly speaks out about the devastating effects it has on one’s confidence and self-worth.

“I never wanted to be light skin, my colorism was done for b*tches like you who believe that need to tear down another woman to look good. Just like you cause you beef with anyone who’s doing better than you,” continued Spice in her reply, “Sus I’m Black and beautiful and guess what? You’re “light skin,” and I’m still further than you in my career.”

To further comment on her progress as a musician and Akbar’s supposedly allegations, Spice wrote on her Instagram Stories, “did this b**ch really say she came out to support a struggling mother …b**ch the only struggles I have is to decide which shows to take!”

Spice was not finished just yet and pulled up an old video of Akbar being trashed. She left a pretty salty caption below which read:

“Love and Hip Hop’ security’ is not around so don’t be fooled bye which shirt was on the ground gapping. Ok so now I’m done. Next time, don’t talk about I’m struggling cause this is what struggling to get away looks like.”

In light of the physical altercations, fans have been calling for the removal of Akbar V from the show. It seems the Atlanta boss did critics a favor when she announced that she is quitting Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.