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Boosie Badazz Announces Premiere Of His Reality Show On FUBU Network

Boosie Badazz is finally heading to TV.

Boosie Badazz loves the camera, and the camera seems to love him back. The rapper who regularly posts videos featuring his opinions and hilarious personality on social media is now working on a reality show produced by The FUBU Network and HotNewHipHop. Boosie says the show, titled Badazz Boosie, is the best reality television ever made. However, it seems that prior to signing on for this project, Boosie was offered a role as the leading man on a dating show styled like VH1’s infamous Flavor of Love. Despite several networks pitching him similar ideas, Boosie says he is more focused on his current show than possible future projects.

Boosie’s reluctancy to get involved in other reality shows seems to be a direct result of finances. In an interview, the Louisiana native said, “I can’t say what I’m gonna do, money talks. If I’m gon’ take it, they gon’ make a whole bunch of f**kin money.”

He continues, explaining that production ownership is important to him in deciding what he is going to do next, saying, “In my reality show, I got ownership. If you ain’t giving me ownership, you gotta give me a lotta money.”

While viewers will likely tune in to watch Boosie’s entertaining personality despite any controversy, several advertisers have pulled their support for the show due to remarks made about Dwayne Wade’s daughter, Zaya Wade. When Dwayne and Gabriel Union announced that 12-year-old Zaya was transgender, Boosie publicly expressed his disapproval of the situation, later clarifying that he does not believe Zaya is old enough to make a decision about her gender identity. Despite a push for Boosie to publicly apologize, he has since stood by his initial remarks in interviews. Badazz Boosie is set to premiere this spring.