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DaBaby Stunned Fans, Proposed To B. Simone On Wild ‘N Out

Are DaBaby and B. Simone taking their relationship to the next level with a televised marriage proposal?

In the upcoming week’s episode of Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘N Out, rapper DaBaby who was a guest on the show, proposed to his longtime admirer B. Simone during the “Vowing Out” challenge. ICYMI, B. Simone is a regular on the show and also flirts with DaBaby online – a lot.

During the bit on Nick Cannon’s comedy skit show, DaBaby meets the Wild ‘N Out girl who was going to be his bride centerstage, but B. Simone comes charging from backstage in her own wedding gown to interrupt the moment the rapper was about to pop the question after the comedian yells, “Hell no! Who is this b*tch?” DaBaby takes a look at both women before lightly easing off the Wild ‘N Out Girl, insinuating that he had made a decision. He then takes B. Simone’s hand and proposes to her instead.

The two obviously like each other based on their history, which we’ve all witnessed online and watched materialize into real life. B. Simone recently appeared in DaBaby’s music video for his song “Find My Way.” in this new episode of Wild ‘N Out, they might have gotten a glimpse into what’s to come following their months of flirting and linkups.

Back in March, B. Simone sent the internet into a frenzy when she shared a picture of her and a “mystery man,” but the clues were easy enough for fans to piece together, later revealing that the social media personality was actually hugged up in DaBaby’s arms. It wasn’t long after that he released his music video featuring B.

The two haven’t officially gone public, but dating rumors have been following them for months. It’s no secret that B. Simone has been pining for the rapper for months, she even dressed up as his bride for Halloween. Earlier this year while she was still manifesting her “king,” the comedian took to social media to post up her crush as usual writing, “Jesus I ask you for patience, I ask you to lead him home and stop letting him entertain these girls,” she said. “He probably fake laughing at some lame h*e jokes… don’t worry king… A real clown is on the way!” she added.

At least we will never have to ask her what the prayer was.