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B. Simone Seemingly Confirms DaBaby Relationship, His Baby Mama Meme Respond

Are B. Simone and DaBaby dating?

B. Simone sent the internet into a frenzy on Monday when she posted a photo of herself and another man grabbing a handful of her booty. The internet investigators are now speculating that the mystery man is none other than our favorite rapper DaBaby, solely because of the tattoos on his hands. You can recall that in the fall last year, the actress aggressively shoot her shot at the Kirk rapper on Instagram when she hosted a Halloween wedding with a cardboard cutout of DaBaby. Of course, the Charlotte rapper was in a relationship with his baby mama Meme at the time, so perhaps that prevented him from acting on the advances.

She only left a heart and padlock emojis. That’s a staunch contrast to what she posted in the past, but let’s not forget that situations have now changed. She was shooting her shot back then, but now she got her man.

DaBaby has been having quite a roller coaster year with a mountain of legal troubles and his baby mama airing him out on social media for allegedly knocking up another female. The “Suge” rapper admitted that he had another baby on the way, but he revealed that he and Meme were broken up at the time when he was with the other female.

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Meme has since reacted to B. Simone’s photo going viral online. She posted an adorable video clip of her son with DaBaby laughing. “To my negative nancies,” she wrote.

In October, B. Simone posted a photo of DaBaby where she again shoot her shots. “That ain’t tha ….man y’all already know WTF going on Jesus i ask you for patience,” she wrote. “I ask you to lead him home and stop letting him entertain these girls.”