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Cardi B Album Delayed Due To Record Deal Renegotiation With Label

Cardi B live

Cardi B album delay may be due to ongoing negotiations with her record label.

Cardi B is holding steady as one of the most relevant rappers of her time, and yet it has been over two years since she dropped her debut album, Invasion of Privacy. Thanks to a heavy social media presence and larger-than-life personality, Cardi has managed to keep her superstar status afloat, but fans are becoming desperate for some new hits. However, according to new reporting, the Grammy winner may be holding out on us a while longer as she renegotiates her deal with Atlantic Records.

The details of the delay have not been released, but reports suggest there may be more to discuss than just finances before Cardi and her label can give the go-ahead for the release of her sophomore project.

Cardi B’s last single, “Press,” was released in May of 2019 along with a provocative and cinematic music video. Since then, she has regularly teased fans with the promise of her follow-up to Invasion of Privacy, but also made it clear that she is taking her time to make sure the album is perfect before its release. “I can never put a date on it ‘cause when you feel that you got those songs, that’s when it’s gonna come out,” she explained to Baller Alert during an interview earlier this year. “I cannot put a date on my ears. When I feel like I have it, that’s when.”

The Bronx native also broke the news to fans in March that the release of her latest Wheezy-produced track would be delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Cardi B has become one of the most vocal celebrities about the global health crisis, regularly taking to social media to criticize the government’s handling of the situation and question the information being released to the public. Let’s hope that Cardi and her label come to an agreement quickly so that she can focus on delivering hits that help us all get through these dark times.