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Young Dolph Pulled Over Because Cops Thought He Stole Lamborghini Urus: Video

Young Dolph had another running with police officers because they thought he stole his Lamborghini Urus.

Memphis rapper Young Dolph can now confidently say that he is no stranger to the cops. The rapper may need to check that he doesn’t have a cop magnet stuck to him, as he was once again pulled over by law enforcement. A video captured by Dolph shows that he and other occupants of his blue Lamborghini Urus were waiting as cops processed documents. Dolph used his camera to capture what is happening behind his ride, and you are able to see at least 6 police squad cars involved in the stop. The number of police service vehicles, along with Dolph’s explanation, are clues that the police thought the car was hot.

“Look at these folks man,” he said, “When these folks see a Lamborghini they don’t know how to act.” He continued by reciting the question the police asked him, “Is the Lamborghini stolen?”

“No! I’d done bought 4 a these muddaf**kers dawg. Get the f**k outta here man,” he shouted as he drove away.

Dolph has had a ton of mishaps happen to him around his rides. Back in September last year, reports surfaced that Young Dolph was held at a service station and placed in cuffs because police thought they smelled weed when they pulled him over in Atlanta. Thankfully, no drugs were located in the car, and the rapper was set free.

In a separate incident in November, TMZ reported that Young Dolph was detained after cops saw that he threw a handful of green leafy substance out the window of his yellow Lamborghini.

Thankfully this time around, one of the South’s biggest stars was able to drive away rather than leave the scene in cuffs.

Dolph has actually been getting some good press as of late for his latest release titled, “Sunshine.” The track is being dubbed as one of the most COVID-19 relatable tracks since the start of the pandemic. GQ asked Dolph about what he is enjoying about the quarantine he mentioned, “Sh*t, peace. I’ve just been enjoying the peace. I been having a lot of peace.” He namedrops his two kids on the track and while speaking with GQ mentioned them as “the number one reason why I’ve been enjoying it. We be working every day bro, especially when you running a business and sh*t’s successful and you real big.”

Earlier this year, Young Dolph announced his retirement, only to resurface with a hot new track while teasing an album that fans are now begging for.

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