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Young Thug & Chris Brown Drops Joint Album “Slime & B” Stream It

Quarantine has just gotten a bit more exciting as Chris Brown, and Young Thug delivered their joint album, Slime&B.

Chris Brown is definitely an artiste that can evoke a plethora of feelings from his fans. His music touches the soul and makes you laugh, cry, and get you dancing. He has an innate ability to connect deeply with his fans through his music that is not only relatable but also inspirational and rare. Last week, he took the time to inform his fans that his new album will be titled ‘Slime&B’ and that it will be released on the 5th of May, which is also his birthday. What a splendid bday gift!

The joint album saw Chris Brown partnering with fellow rapper Young Thug, and both seem to have developed quite a friendship while working, even finding time to shoot a few hoops, which Breezy is famous for. Quarantine was seemingly unable to put a damper on their music plans as the album came to completion in the past few weeks. On Monday, Breezy gave fans a little teaser when he tweeted out a snippet of an unnamed track accompanied by the artwork.

With only hours to go before the release, Chris decided to reveal the tracklist for the album on his Instagram page. The 13-track mashup begins with “Say You Love Me” and closes with “Help Me Breathe.” Other track titles include “Trapback,” “She Bumped Her Head,” “Big Slimes,” and “City Girls.”


1. “Say You Love Me”
2. “Go Crazy”
3. “Trapback”
4. “I Got Time”
5. “She Bumped Her Head”
6. “Big Slimes”
7. “I Ain’t Trying”
8. “Animal”
9. “City Girls”
10. “Stolen”
11. “Undrunk”
12. “No Such Thing”
13. “Help Me Breathe”