Alkaline Drops A Ode For All Hot Girls “High Props”

Alkaline links with Armzhouse Records for his latest single “High Props.”

Many Vendetta and non-Vendetta fans will agree that some of Alkaline’s best work is when he sings/deejays for the ladies. With songs such as “Bruk Out,” “Things Me Love,” “Move Mountains,” “Spoil Yuh,” and so many others in his catalog, it is safe to say that Alkaline has a way with the ladies. He is once again putting those charms to work on his newly released track titled, “High Props.” The Armzhouse Records production team has laid the tracks to other Alkaline classics such as, “Pretty Girl Team” and “Money Man” and offers the same smooth but professional work for this most recent production.

For Alkaline, the allure of the beauty in his story is amazingly captivating, forcing him to confess that she moves like a “Goddess.” However, one review of the cover art would have some persons seeing Alkaline as being classist, only gravitating to ladies who can afford high-end vehicles, sport Loius Vuitton red bottoms or and bags, or have tons of cash. Quite the contrary, since Alkaline seems to be the one willing to risk it all for the girl he desires. The song has all the makings of being a true female anthem, especially during this dark time when their true beauty cannot be put on display and captured by hungry eyes, waiting on the “outside.”

“High Props” offers a dimension of Alkaline that many have seemed to forgotten amidst all the battles he has fought against, the Gaza and the 6IXX camp.

Alkaline already has six songs under his belt since 2020, with at least half of the tally securing top spots on the local Youtube Trending list. At the time this article was written, “High Props” was already hugging the number 10 spot, and with views increasing rapidly, fans could see it reaching close to the top spot.

You can stream the track below.