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Lil TJay Claim He Snatched A Boogie With Da Hoodie Chain & Bang His Baby Mama

Lil TJay claimed that he smash A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie’s baby mama and snatched his chain.

New York rapper Lil TJay is dropping his much-anticipated album in only a couple of days, but it seems he just keeps getting caught up in the news for all the wrong reasons. The rapper was the subject of criticism after he apparently invited Atlanta rapper Rubi Rose to New York for his birthday. However, he decided not to purchase her return ticket. While Lil TJay is calling cap on that incident, Rubi is adamant it happened, and it seems it was all brought on by that little green monster called jealously.

After the breaking of that news, it was revealed that TJay and female rapper Chinese Kitty did the nasty as well even though Kitty denied early on, only to reveal that they only hooked up twice. TJay has now turned his attention to the recently liberated rainbow hair Queens rapper Tekashi and fellow NYC rapper A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie. In a post promoting the new album titled, State Of Emergency, the 19-year-old wrote, “F**K ALL THAT OTHER SH*T GOING ON RN SH*T IRRELEVANT,” he wrote in all caps. “ONLY THING I KNOW IS IM SHUTTING THE STREETS DOWN FROM NOW ON IM THE KING OF NY !! ALL THAT OTHER NA NA NA SH*T ND SNITCH RAINBOW HAIR SH*T GOING ON IN MY CITY A DUBB! THE REAL GON UNDERSTAND… MAY 8 IM GIVING YALL THAT PAIN YALL NEED, ITZ UP NY STAND TF UP.”

Naturally, this did not sit well with Boogie’s camp, and while A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie himself did not respond, his protege Trap Manny decided to put a defense by posting a video to IG.

“Ni**as really be clout chasin, ni**as be really d*ck s*ckin’ and clout chasin. How you even gonna put my name and rat in the same sentence? Who does that, bro? You ain’t got no OG. That’s why you talkin’ like that,” he said.

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He continued by bashing Lil TJay for not having any solid connections in his circle, “That’s why you movin’ like that ’cause you don’t got no ni**a to tell you nothin’. You stupid. You look stupid. What the f**k you talkin’ about? You a whole joke.” He ended with a stern warning, “And ni**as will beat the sh*t out of you.”

TJay’s post was also picked up by Don Q, one of Boogie’s Highbridge label mates who also decided to let off some steam.

“Word to my mother, I’m not saving ni*gas no more,” he said. “Next time ni*gas see ni*gas, ni*gas getting stripped out of everything, respectfully. I’m telling you now. Don’t say ni*gas’ names. Don’t say my man’s name. You ni*gas playing around like this sh*t is a game, sh*t is not a game. Matter fact, I been out the way too long, ni**as think they can say whatever.”

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Lil TJay then replied, “Yo, you can s*ck my f**king d*ck, how ’bout that, ni**a. Yo, Don Q, s*ck my d**k, nig*a. Slap the sh*t out you, ni**a. You stupid, ni*ga? You f**king dumb? Y’all ni**as is real p**sy.”

A video allegedly showing TJay being attacked was shared by Don Q, seemingly questioning why TJay has not waged revenge against those guys instead. But as mentioned by TJay, there is a good explanation for why he got a beatdown in the video.

“Mind u I was only with marky they was like 10 deep … just putting it out there cause regardless it don’t even matter I’m really on timing. This video is pointless. he snuck to record it anyways,” he mentioned, among other disrespectful comments aimed not just at the Don Q or Boogie, but at Boogie’s girlfriend, Ella Rodriguez. So far, Tekashi 6ix9ine is scheduled to drop new music on the 8th as well. This antics could be part of a broader strategy against 69, and it should be noted that their beef runs a bit deeper. We are still awaiting a reply from Tekashi6ix9ine amidst Lil TJay’s recent rant while calling himself the King of New York.

Lil TJay also claimed that he snatched A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie’s chain, but Boogie responded saying it’s a lie.