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50 cent Went Ape Sh*t As Mural Of Him As Tekashi 6ix9ine Surfaced

50 Cent’s is going berserk as mural of himself as Tekashi 6ix9ine surface.

Australian painter Lushsux is back with a brand new portrait of rapper 50 Cent. While 50 Cent has always expressed his displeasure at the artist’s decision to have his face slapped on portraits of other controversial and famous figures such as Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un, Taylor Swift, and Post Malone, his anger definite increased when he was converted into Tekashi 6ix9ine. It must be said that the mural was ingeniously detailed, capturing the face tattoos that 6ix9ine sports, meanwhile retaining 50’s facial structure.

50 Cent reposted the mural and captioned in with a fierce, “I’m sick of this sh*t, he think i can’t find his a** in Australia,” before threatening the painter, “I’m a have a knot put right on his f**king head.”

Nonetheless, Fif was clearly in awe of the talent and actually reposted a timelapse video of the mural being painted. “look at this sh*t head, Talented nut case,” he wrote. While the G-Unit man seemed impressed with the talent, Fif still didn’t understand why he became the artist’s muse. “Alright he’s talented, but why the f**k he pick me,” he questioned.

Lushsux seems fixated on Fif, even penning somewhat of a tribute to the rapper in his Instagram bio. He refers to himself as the “number one 50 Cent stan account on the internet.” We guess that does answer Fif’s question of why he was selected, Lushsux is just a super, crazy fan.

Or it could be that Lushsux is just trolling Fif and beating him at his own game. We must admit, Fif seems to have hung up his trolling boots as of late, so he may be rusty.

Back when Fif was in the heights of his trolling career, he bashed the recently liberated rapper[6ix9ine] while he was on the stand, helping to put his fellow gang members away. However, Fif was previously one of 6ix9ine’s biggest fans, even concluding that he was more of a son than his eldest Marquise Jackson.

With Tekashi 6ix9ine out and making music, 50 Cent was asked if he would ever work with the “Gummo” rapper while speaking to the crew at Real FM. He replied, “I wouldn’t work with him. What it is, it’s just against the way I grew up.”

6ix9ine caught wind of the shade and dropped one of his own. “Won’t be the first time 50 abandons his son. Lemme just mind my business,” wrote Tekashi. 50 Cent’s estranged son, Marquise Jackson, was not too fond of Tekashi’s comments, mentioning that he didn’t want a rat mentioning him in his remarks.

This is likely not the last 50 Cent mural that Lushsux will paint, so stay tune.