Lamar Odom’s Fiance?e Says She Has Her Own Money

Some women rely on their men for pretty things — but Lamar Odom’s lady is not one of them.

As a key member of the LA Lakers during his prime, Lamar Odom has not only a household name, but a small fortune to that name, as well. According to reports, the basketball player’s net worth stands at $30 million, with his wealth attributed to endorsements and even his own music and film production company, Rich Soil Entertainment. While it would be easy to assume that his fiancée, Sabrina Parr, is with him for his money, she has made it crystal clear that that all the money she spends is her own. “Here’s a little fact about me,” Sabrina said on her Instagram Story. I will continue to live within MY means until I am married!”

The engaged pair have yet to tie the knot since Lamar got down on one knee last November. And with COVID-19 causing the cancellation of all gatherings, who knows when their wedding will take place. “Wherever I live or whatever I drive, I spend my own money on it and I make sure it’s something I can afford comfortably on my own and my name is included!” Sabrina continued in her post on the ‘gram. “Lamar and I are not married yet nor do we have children together.

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There are no guarantees in relationships and I never want to be in a position again where something happens and Im stuck financially. He could leave me today and I’d be good on my own. Once we get married, he can spend away and imma put my coins up lol!”

The sentiment is a wise one from the health and life coach who appears to have gotten on the wrong side of Lamar’s kids… The 40-year-old’s daughter, Destiny, recently alleged that her dad had been abused his fiancée. “Keep your hands to yourself. Women can be abusive too. It is never okay to lay your hands on someone,” she wrote in a since-deleted Instagram comment in February. She followed it up with others that read, “When abusers delete your comment before anyone can see it… Too Bad I’m feeling petty and will comment constantly until the blogs can see… Sabrina Parr you hate to see it.”

Although it doesn’t seem as though Lamar and Sabrina’s relationship is on the brink of collapse, she’ll supposedly be fine even if it does.