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Migos Previews New Track “Taco Tuesday” Off ‘Culture III’ Album

We’re finally getting some new music from the Migos, but it’s not Culture III just yet.

Popular hip-hop trio Migos are coming out with a brand new track next week called “Taco Tuesday.” With the continued disruption of live events due to the pandemic, the Atlanta rap group decided that they will be releasing a quarantine mixtape as plans to release their album Culture III have been effectively thwarted. It seems the new single that is slated to be released on Tuesday is the first release from Migos’ upcoming quarantine mixtape.

After a snippet of the song surfaced online yesterday (April 28), Quavo decided to throw a curveball and get ahead of the media frenzy by putting out a teaser himself. The rapper appeared in a Triller video with his girlfriend and rapper Saweetie indulging in a ‘Taco Tuesday’ of their own. The edited promo clip, which featured a preview of the new song, was like a short music video.

“Taco Tuesday, I got the cheese / She tasting the Kool-Aid / Migos the plug Guadeloupe / She goin’ do what the group say comprende / Caliente, she get the bag, but she gotta get it 10 ways,” Quavo raps in the teaser. In the caption for the video which he also posted on Instagram Quavo wrote,” Next Tuesday We Going Up Cinco De Mayo!!! #TacoTuesday,”

Quavo recently announced that Migos would be dropping a quarantine mixtape to hold fans over while they wait for their next album “Culture III.” Based on the tragic hit that live entertainment has taken in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, chances are releasing the album now wouldn’t be fiscally responsible as the earning potential of the project wouldn’t be maximized in a time like this.

“Taco Tuesday” is also a weekly celebration that was popularized by famous basketball player Lebron James during the off-season last year when he would share his family’s entertaining taco nights on social media every Tuesday. Now if he decides to bring it back, he has the perfect theme song. “Taco Tuesday” drops this Tuesday on the Mexican holiday Cinco de Mayo. Check out Quavo and Saweetie in their Triller video promoting the new song.