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Dancehall Star Dexta Daps Released From Jail

Dexta Daps has been released from jail.

April 30 is proving to be a day of jubilation for the Seaview Garden’s singjay, who was recently released from custody. Peter Champagnie, the attorney at law who represents the entertainer, revealed to the Jamaica Star that no formal charges were laid against his client, whose real name is Louis Anthony Grandison Jr. Dexta Daps was arrested by law enforcement on April 8 on shooting and gang-related ties after a major flair-up of violence in the Seaview Garden area. According to some accusations, Dexta Daps operated as the ‘don’ of the area, calling the shots on various criminal activities.

The takedown was captured by scores of persons who converged on the dusty community streets, defying social distancing protocols to protest his arrest. Now that he is free, the protest continues in a different form, with persons lashing out against the length of time he spent in lockup. One person asked, “So them hold the man fi so many weeks without evidence?” Before casting blame on “the system the system.”

Nonetheless, fans are quite ecstatic to know the “Flight Mode” singer is back home. Dexta was truly nabbed out of the blue and was marched into the police service vehicle sporting a sleeveless muscle shirt, denim shorts, and slippers. Naturally, his career was also stopped dead in its tracks. However, it was more noticeable due to the artiste premiering a new track just days before his arrest. The lyrics of the song motivate females to ‘break’ away from tumultuous relationships. With catchy lyrics and smooth melodies, the song seemed destined to be another hit track. Many of Dexta’s female fans are anxiously awaiting his return to the studio in order to complete the song.

One fan commented, “Like how yuh free now mi boss nuh Mek tomorrow morning pass and the song nuh drop or else a chubble !!!”

Like many fans, Urbanislandz awaits an official statement from Dexta Daps on the treatment he experienced in lockup, especially with the onset of COVID-19.

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