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DaBaby Says He’s Losing Millions Of Dollars Due To Coronavirus

DaBaby never quite liked the idea of quarantine, and now he has another reason to add to his list.

When coronavirus reports began getting serious, with thousands of people becoming infected and dying daily around the world, DaBaby was defying quarantine recommendations and instead was out shooting a music video for his friend, Rich Dunk. Just a few weeks later, the “Suge” rapper was again seen throwing health advice to the wind as he hung out with his childhood celebrity crush, Raven-Symoné. Even the former Disney star felt a little uncomfortable by DaBaby’s’s lack of social distancing as she jokingly said, “Watch me catch corona ‘cause of this one right here.”

Despite DaBaby’s indifference to self-isolation, the rest of the world seems to be adhering to the suggestion and mass gatherings have been cancelled globally as countries attempt to stop the spread of COVID-19. That means that no concerts are happening at the moment — devastating news for a rapper who has just released his third studio album.

“Blame It On Baby” dropped on April 17 and the 28-year-old has now revealed that he has lost out on millions simply because this virus won’t allow him to promote it the way it was originally planned. “I’ve already missed [out on] millions for sure,” he said during an interview on Big Boy’s Neighborhood. “I’ll pull the calendar up right now and show you. I would’ve been on tour right now, and after that I would’ve did an overseas tour. So if we go to July, oh my god… I’ma hold up how many millions I think.” DaBaby held up five fingers, but was told by someone off-screen that the figure is more in the range of around $7 million.

Hopefully this pandemic will pass soon so that concerts will once again be something we can enjoy.