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Rich The Kid’s Fiancée Tori Brixx Addressed Arrest For Alleged Fight At Target

Tori Brixx, the fiancée of rapper Rich The Kid, was arrested following an incident involving a middle-aged lady at a Los Angeles Target.

According to the daughter of the alleged victim, Tori Brixx and the woman were both in the checkout line when the model apparently wrongfully moved ahead of her, ultimately sparking a verbal debate. Based on the daughter’s account, things escalated, and Tori Brixx punched her mom in the nose, consequently breaking it.

This was not the end of the heated battle, as the victims lay waited for Tori and her companions on the outside. In a series of videos that have been circulating around social media, you can hear Tori and friends facing off against their accusers. According to one of Tori’s friends, the alleged victim initiated the fight when she pushed a shopping cart onto the model. There were even talks of vehicular manslaughter, as the voice of who seemed to be the victim’s daughter, told Tori she would be stacking on the charges if she used her Mercedez G Wagon to run them over. The talks could be heard over the model and her friends telling their side of the story, with the model even confessing that she does not “give a f**k about” the extra charges.

The popular entertainment platform The Shade Room shared images Tori being led away in handcuffs. However, it seems she is already back at home and settling into her regular routine. The model posted a video of herself and beau Rich The Kid, chilling in bed, which she captioned, “Good morning! No Filter tho. B***hes be loud and wrong. Clout seeking at an all time High.”

In another post to her Instagram Story, she spoke out about the incident, “I hate when MFs are the aggressor then play victim when they get a response.”

In what seemed like a slightly sarcastic tone, she called for everyone’s safety during this virus outbreak. “But anyway…hope everyone is staying safe and respecting other’s social distance. Especially during this pandemic,” she wrote before using two arrows to mark the prescribed 6 feet distance persons are being asked to maintain.

Sadly, tempers have been running high amidst the lockdown as a result of COVID-19, with many old beefs being reignited and many new ones popping up out of thin air.