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NBA YoungBoy Shook Fans With Suicidal Tweet, Cuddle With Yaya Mayeather Beside Maybach

NBA YoungBoy might have just cried for help in a cryptic post he made online leaving some fans shook.

Following what seems like an extremely hard few months for YoungBoy Never Broke Again, the rapper has taken to social media to say something that has left many of his fans and possibly loved ones worried. YoungBoy recently bailed his “wife” Yaya Mayweather out of jail after she was arrested for felony aggravated assault for stabbing the mother of his child with a knife twice.

While Yaya is reportedly facing 99 years if convicted, it’s possible that NBA YoungBoy might be considering his own fate. The 20-year-old rapper took to Twitter to send out the mysterious message “Suicide?” and just left it there for everyone to interpret and misinterpret. The issue is the lack of context is cause for concern yet doesn’t feel urgent at the same time. We can’t tell if the rapper is alluding to a new song, his own thoughts, or just what seems to have become an epidemic among young rappers these days. People don’t usually announce that they’re going to take their own life, so some fans are dubious about that idea. However, we don’t want to ignore history and overlook what could still be a cry for help, especially in a time like this.


NBA YoungBoy has often expressed that he is misunderstood. As one of the most popular rappers in the U.S. right now, he is frequently scrutinized to the core and painted colorfully in the media. Back in early February, YoungBoy tweeted, “F***ed up how people always make me seem like a bad person I’m just me,” he wrote.

Of course, there is no sure reason to say that NBA YoungBoy is definitely thinking about harming himself, but we shouldn’t dismiss the thought if that means we won’t reach out. It really sounds like the young boy could use some kind words.

After sharing the tweet, a photo surfaced of NBA YoungBoy and his wifey Yaya Mayweather cuddling up for the Gram. It’s safe to say that Never Broke Again and Floyd Mayweather’s daughter are still going strong despite their rollercoaster romance that’s often called toxic.