Moneybagg Yo & Gervonta Davis Twitter Beefing Over A Corvette & Ari Fletcher

Moneybagg Yo & Gervonta Davis are throwing shade on social media – again, and it seems the new Corvette and Ari Fletcher might be at the center of it.

Gervonta Davis and Moneybagg Yo have never really been too fond of each other, and some would say it might have something to do with the fact that they’ve dated the same woman. Gervonta for one has thrown shade at Moneybagg in the past on Instagram, but things intensified on Thursday(April 16) between the two celebrities on Thursday, with both of them trading shots on Twitter.

On Thursday, Yo jumped onto his Instagram page with a fresh slideshow from Atlanta, Georgia. The photos showcased the rapper sitting on top of a red Chevy Corvette with stacks of cash in his hands. Alongside the flex, he wrote, “Ima Stand Up N***a Got My Bands Up N***a U Don’t Wanna See Me Pissed Off!! #MeVsMe”

Gervonta Davis coincidentally tweeted, “Can’t do the corvette..middle class.” While the Corvette is what most of us would consider a lavish sportscar and far from cheap, I guess “middle class” is relative when you’re a lightweight boxing champion. Some fans thought Gervonta was reaching a bit and speculated that he was probably in his feelings a bit or just jealous about Ari Fletcher dating the rapper now.

Without mentioning any names, Moneybagg Yo responded, “If you got any kinda smoke with me deal wit me on some street sh*t no internet please,” he wrote. He sent out a second subtweet adding, “N***as be lame asf mad about b***es.” Interestingly a fan allegedly observed that the tweet from Gervonta came way before Moneybagg shared the photos. The boxer may have cleared up the speculations as when he retweeted the fan who wrote, “Y’all so weird on this app how @Gervontaa mad bout money bag and Ari his tweet was way before money bag post The pic,” she wrote.

So is it just all a strange coincidence then? It would be kind of eerie, don’t you think?