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Pop Smoke Documentary Already In Production

Pop Smoke documentary could be coming to your TV soon.

A Pop Smoke documentary is in the works according to his former manager Steven Victor who discussed the impending project in a new Complex interview. Steven Victor, who managed Pop Smoke, said that he is hard at work trying to get the rapper’s upcoming posthumous album out as well as a new documentary film. “I’m working really, really hard on this Pop Smoke album,” he said. “And I’m working on a documentary for him, too. And his foundation. I’m just really focused on making this label like the next Jimmy Iovine and Interscope.”

A documentary was something that was on Pop Smoke’s radar for him as well. Back in February, only a couple weeks prior to the rapper’s fatal shooting, he mentioned in an interview with Fader that he wanted to make a featured film about himself that will give people a closer look at his background and the misconceptions about him.

Pop Smoke was asked if he felt targeted by the police when he suggested that a film presentation centered around his perspective and life would be the best way to share some insight. “I’m gonna put out a movie or a documentary. I’m gonna make that sh*t about me,” he said. “Walk ’em through where I used to live, where I used to be at, and why they look at me the way they look. I’m gonna show you why they don’t like that– what they don’t like. Let’s see if you have the same feedback that they have.”

Steven Victor seems to be working on making that happen. He should have a hand from 50 Cent who announced at the top of March that he would be executive producing the late rapper’s first posthumous album. Pop Smoke passed away at just 20-years-old back in February after a shooting in the Hollywood Hills California that is still being investigated.

While his album and documentary are in the pipeline, Pop’s song “Shake The Room” featuring Quavo is becoming increasingly popular on TikTok. The record has been making rounds since the video that was shot in Paris dropped almost three weeks ago. It has already over 4 million views. Pop Smoke was working on a joint album with Quavo called “Huncho Woo” before his untimely demise. He told RapCaviar in February that they had about 9 completed songs at the time.

“You never know. You might just be hearing a Huncho Woo mixtape coming out or some sh*t like that,” Pop said int he interview. Hopefully, those records will get clearance so that fans can continue to enjoy more posthumous music from Smoke even after the first one comes out; it would be a disservice not to. There sure is a lot to look forward to from Pop Smoke this year. May his soul rest in peace.