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50 Cent Explains Why He Disabled Comments On His IG

50 Cent

50 Cent disabled his IG comments and here’s why he did it.

50 Cent has one of the craziest Instagram pages on the platform, but the rapper is no longer interested in hearing what you have to say about his posts. Fifty’s IG is the place to spot some hysterical (if controversial) memes, clips from some of the television shows he produced, the teasing he does his to his girlfriend Cuban Link, and all the beef going on in the New Yorker’s life. With 25.5 million people having pressed the follow button, Fif’s posts commonly receive hundreds of thousands of likes and thousands of comments. Until now, that is.

The “Animal Ambition” rapper has taken advantage of Instagram’s ability to turn off the comments on one’s posts, leading to many wondering why… perhaps the Queens native, who famously was shot nine times at close range, doesn’t have as thick a skin as he always purports?

According to 50 Cent himself, the reason behind implementing the block feature is way more practical: he just can’t deal with the bots, man. In the caption of a post that shows him getting fitted for a very dapper suit, the ‘Power’ actor explained his reasoning. “If you are disappointed you can’t comment on my post sorry. i’m tired of deleting bots too many fake pages,” he wrote.

There are millions of fake accounts roaming around Instagram, with many simply requesting that you follow them in exchange for a follow back. Some, however, can be more sinister by leaving nasty comments, and others are just damn annoying, so it makes sense that 50 Cent decided to take back their power.

The rapper only imposed the new restriction recently, which meant that IG users were able to comment on his post in which he depicted his nemesis Ja Rule as a homeless man. In the picture, the “Always On Time” rapper is holding up a cardboard sign saying, “I will battle 50 Cent for attention.” The meme is, of course, in reference to Ja’s challenge that they compete in a music battle on IG Live, which Fifty clearly isn’t interested in.