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Keyshia Cole & Her Sister Neffe Went Berserk On O.T. Genasis Over Distasteful Remarks

Keyshia Cole and her sister Neffe took turn to blast O.T. Genasis after he made some distateful remarks about her.

The long-standing beef between R&B songstress Keyshia Cole and rapper O.T. Genasis was revived when the rapper blatantly dissed Keyshia on Instagram Live, and the singer is clapping back. The two have exchanged shots on social media since the time Cole disapproved of the rapper’s off-key version to her hit song “Love.” The singer even got a viral video taken down from Youtube once, but she remained humble and hardly caused any fuss over the record at the time though O.T. did not have permission to use it.

Now some fans believe the rapper may have gone too far this time with his most recent hit at her. Apparently, O.T. Genasis wasn’t too pleased when he proposed a sing-off between 21 Savage and himself, and Keyshia Cole admitted that she’d put her money on 21.

Now, it seems there’s underlying, unresolved tension as O.T. took their never-ending feud to a new level. While on Instagram Live throughout the weekend, O.T. Genasis openly trashed Keyshia Cole with degrading insults and accusations of poor feminine hygiene, all the while snickering about it in front of thousands. “She ain’t sh*t. Keyshia Cole ain’t sh*t,” he stated. “I am. I’m the sh*t. Keyshia Cole ain’t. Coochie smelling like fish sticks. That’s what’s going on. Coochie smelling like fish sticks. Keyshia Cole p***y smelling like fish sticks,” he said laughing. “Nah, I’m not gon’ talk about her,” he conceded.

Those vulgar and sexist comments didn’t sit well at all with Keyshia Cole fans. A legion of the R&B singer’s supporters quickly massacred O.T. Genasis on Twitter, and even Keyshia herself eventually chimed in. “I’m so …. don’t kno how to feel,” the singer wrote on Twitter. “This tortoise face a**…I can’t. She also retweeted actor Page Kennedy’s post about celebrity beefing being counterproductive and futile.” Hope this [don’t] go over some of u lame a** turtle head looking a** ni**as heads! And hoe a** b***h n***as ain’t exempt,” Keyshia Cole wrote co-signing Kennedy’s tweet.

It looks likeO.T. Genasis still have some pent up emotions over Cole pulling the plug on a song he was using without her permission. His recent Instagram Live may have been an expression of that, but nevertheless, Keyshia is not having it at all. The ongoing blatant disrespect, especially towards a female in the public eyes, can be quite an image ruiner. Plus, the rapper’s reasons aren’t substantiated if it is, in fact, Keyshia Cole’s own song that he’s still mad about.

One fan on Twitter thought that it had gone on long enough and, at this point, is just asinine. “The sh*t getting disturbing now. Like dawg you a grown a** man and you rap, but now you [known] for mocking R&B singers and dancing at gas stations. Chasing the wrong type of clout my boy,” he said.

Another fan dropped a major reminder bomb on everyone – that O.T. Genasis is a new dad. She implied that it was hard to tell based on the rapper’s behavior and immaturity. “@otgenasis has been bullying Keyshia Cole for months,” the fan wrote. “All because she had a song of hers removed from his YouTube that he used with no permission. This is a grown-ass man that just had a baby btw.”

Keyshia Cole’s sister Neffe later jumped in with a statement of her own. “I will never respect a Greasy disrespectful shadow of a man coming for a woman who has said nothing about you! Men with Mommy issues trying to tear women down I know you got bullied in school and was always denied by the pretty girls clearly!” she wrote. “So Um is this the new normal? We gonna sit here and let him do that and think it’s funny ? Sir continue to chase after the woman that is still trying to keep up with a kardashian! And you claim to be this gangsta… Crip walk yo a*s to take care of that baby! maybe if some fish sticks was in your mouth you would finally shut it!”

Do you think O.T. is still bitter about his off-key viral cover being put to an abrupt end by Keyshia Cole?