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Boosie Badazz Addresses Fredo Bang Beef, Reveal They Are Cousins

Boosie Badazz revealed that he and Fredo Bang are cousins and they have no beef.

Lil Boosie now known as Boosie Badazz is a household name in the realm of hip hop. The Baton Rouge man started his career back in the 90s and has since seen his career and family grow from strength to strength. However, Boosie’s family ties run deeper than a lot of though sprouting another musical talent in the form of fellow Baton Rouge rapper Fredo Bang.

24-year-old Fredo was chatting it up with the crew from LA’s Real Fm sometime last month when he revealed that he and Boosie are actually cousins, however, they have never actually exchanged any words. The only contact made was when he sent Boosie a message on Instagram to try and secure a spot on Boosie’s concert, Boosie Bash.

Boosie also had a few words about his ties with Fredo and the situation of why he did not respond to Fredo’s direct message.

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#Boosie & #FredoBang are blood cousins

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“It’s a lot of stuff that Fredo don’t know about. Fredo my cousin,” Boosie said. “It’s a lot sh*t this n***a don’t know about. It’s a lot of s**t he don’t know about as far as that situation. I found out he was my cousin by great auntie. She told me a year or something ago. It ain’t no hate or anything like that. Anybody in the city who doing their thing you know I want n****s to blow. I feel like when n****s blow from Baton Rouge. You know, that give us the power to make Baton Rouge the hub like LA, Atlanta and s**t like that. Any n***a who tryna blow, it’s good. I ain’t trippin on nobody. But yeah he my cousin.”

Fredo really showed his family ties when he was asked by the crew at Real Fm, who was in his ‘spank bank’. The first name on his list was nonother than Fenty queen Rihanna. His older cousin Boosie is also madly fixated on Badgalriri, therefore, we hope that it doesn’t cause any issues between them. Fredo also mentioned that he wouldn’t mind doing a song with Boosie or NBA Youngboy, with whom he previously had some disagreements.

Apart from a lengthy rap sheet, Fredo is also known for tracks such as “Oouuh”, “Father”, “Shootas On The Roof” and “Thuggin.”