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Rihanna Fed Up With Fans Asking For Album, Dance With Lil Uzi Vert On IG Live

Rihanna has finally joined the fun on Instagram Live as she puts on a show with Lil Uzi.

We can finally say Rihanna was live on Instagram very much like all the other cluster of stars that have gathered in the new galaxy of virtual entertainment. The Bajan superstar joined Lil Uzi Vert for a fun Instagram Live session where she danced for fans while chilling in her quarantine fit. Rihanna was donning a black pristine Fenty garment with large dark sunglasses, long braids, and red lipstick.

The star never once deviated from the Riri we all know. She was playful and entertaining as usual, and fans were excited to see her in Live action. At one point during her solo dance session, she popped off on tracks like “My Type” by Saweetie and was blazing up a blunt while she listened to “Money Longer” by Lil Uzi Vert.

Also, during the Live, Lil Uzi Vert entered Rihanna’s live session from Fenty’s official Instagram for a joint dance segment where Riri mimicked all the moves the rapper brought to the screen. We all know Uzi’s footwork can get a bit ridiculous, but Riri was keeping up like the pro that she is.

Elsewhere in the Instagram Live session, some fans also tested Rihanna’s patience with the forbidden question of when her album, R9, is coming out. Riri was quick to respond with stern humor as she gave them her usual ‘bad gal’ attitude. “If you ask me for the album one more time, while I’m trying to save the world unlike y’all president,” Riri said. She then twisted her mouth into a threatening “oh no you didn’t” pout before warning fans that they could get it “on sight” if the behavior continues. That was reinforced by one of her best friends and celebrity-stylist Jahleel Weaver, aka Jah, who stood behind her at this point in the Live to concur.

It’s so great to see Rihanna interacting with fans and having a blast while doing it. We hope the singer plans to make a habit of it.

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