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Kodak Black Outcry Over Prison Transfer, Wants Knife For Protection

Kodak Black case

Kodak Black believes he is being set up for a longer prison sentence.

The Florida rapper who has been pretty active on Instagram lately shared a new post to the social media site along with a caption that calls out the justice system for unfair measures taken against him. According to Kodak Black, there is a new charge pending against him that he must appear in court for soon, but he believes that all the transfers and hardships he has endured are all a part of a master plan to add more time to his sentence and increase the chances of him getting into more trouble.

“Man These Ppl Stay Trynna F**k Me Ova, All This #Coronavirus Sh*t And Yall Talkin Bout Trynna Charge A N***a For A Bogus Fight,” the Kill Bill rapper wrote on Instagram. “Y’all Send Me Way to Kentucky USP Big Sandy 1,023 miles Away From My Family After Donald Trump Passed The First Step Act Stating That The BOP is Supposed To Keep You Within 500 Miles Of Your Family,” he continued. Kodak thinks these people are willing to bend the law in any way possible to ensure that he leads a miserable prison life.

He even dropped a few examples of other celebrity inmates who the rules were actually observed for unlike him. “Y’all Sent T.I. to A Low and Sent Gucci Mane to Terre Haut,” Kodak explained. “So Why The F*** Y’all Send Kodak Black to Big Sandy? Cuz The Ppl Kno How I’m Rocking They Know I Ain’t No B*tch and I’ll Blow Me Some Sh*t Up So They Send Me To The Compound Where It’s Only 3 Ni***z From Florida There, So Regardless Of Who Talkin Like They Got My Back Imma Need Me A F***in KNIFE bcuz I Don’t Know Nobody.”

This isn’t the first time Kodak is alleging a conspiracy against him. The rapper’s complaint about law enforcement officials who he accused of abusing their power and sabotaging him while he serves his time was what led him to be transferred to a different prison in January. However, his stint in Big Sandy did not last long, reportedly because of the coronavirus outbreak, which caused the rapper to transfer again to a prison in New York.

There are no details yet on the fight that incited yet another charge against Kodak Black, but at this rate, he might not be out as soon as fans hoped. Do you think they are deliberately making it harder for Kodak Black in prison, or is it all him?


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