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YNW Melly Pleads With Judge For Freedom, Says Coronavirus Killing Him

YNW Melly wants out of jail.

According to Bradford Cohen, Floridian rapper YNW Melly is inching closer to death from coronavirus. Popular tabloid TMZ has recently obtained legal documents filed by lawyer Cohen stipulating that the rapper is battling severe chills, heavy, labored breathing, headaches, and body aches as a result of contracting the deadly coronavirus, COVID-19. Late last week, the operators of Melly’s Instagram page broke the news that the “Murder On My Mind” rapper tested positive for the virus while awaiting trial in Broward County Jail.

Ever since it was discovered that Melly was diagnosed, Cohen has been working tirelessly on a “restricted release. The popular defense lawyer also bashed the facility for its inability to properly counter the outbreak.

According to Cohen, the rapper is currently in a cell with another inmate who also tested positive for COVID-19. The inmate in question was taken into custody in March, however, he did not display any signs of the virus when he was being processed. Cohen fears that “the virus can be mutated or passed reoccurring between individuals,” which would not only pose a threat to YNW Melly but other inmates as well.

The issues with the facility have been compounded for Cohen, who also stated that “they have not given them masks or cleaning supplies that would be beneficial regarding his recovery. This is against all recommendations of the Surgeon General and CDC.”

While YNW Melly is not known for his weight, it seems he is also battling severe weighs loss, and is not being checked on by medical professions as is recommended.

In light of these conditions, YNW Melly is seeking the court’s assistance to be placed on house arrest and to foot the bill of his own medical treatment, which will be done at a private facility.

This comes hot on the heels of Tekashi 6ix9ine’s departure from prison to spend his remaining months under house arrest.

While many fans have been using the “King of New York” as an example for YNW Melly’s release, it should be reminded that the two men are battling two different charges. Tekashi 6ix9ine turned government informer to secure a sentence for his racketeering charge. Melly, on the other hand, is currently facing double murder charges and could receive the death penalty if convicted.