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Future’s GF Lori Harvey Drop Clues About Pregnancy On The Gram

Relax, Y’all, Lori Harvey isn’t pregnant even though she might’ve left some clues.

Lori Harvey’s relationship with Future has been the subject of rumors from the very beginning. The couple didn’t confirm that they were dating until a couple months into their relationship, which meant that the first few weeks were filled with fans speculating as to what was going down. First spotted together at the “Life Is Good” rapper’s birthday party in November, Lori soon began popping up on Futch’s social media, and they were jetting off around the world.

Now that their relationship has been confirmed, the latest cause for whispers is that the 23-year-old is pregnant. Rumors that Lori Harvey is expecting Future’s future baby are not new, but they were ramped up after the model appeared on IG Live on Saturday night. Like most people, Lori tuned in to check out T-Pain take on Lil Jon in a music battle.

At one point, Lori let fans in on her surroundings, and they spotted a curious item — a sonogram! It didn’t take long for Twitter to blow up with the belief that Future had knocked Lori up, but it was then revealed that Miss Harvey was just playing proud aunt as the digital image belongs to her sister Morgan who announced her pregnancy last month.

It seems just as well that Lori is not expecting Future’s kid as he currently has enough child maintenance to deal with. The artist officially has six children — from six different mothers —but is embroiled in a legal battle with two women who claim he fathered their children. Eliza Seraphin is convinced that Future is her daughter’s dad and is suing him for the monthly amount of $53,000. Future and his other alleged baby mama, Cindy Parker, came to an out of court settlement regarded her claim that the rapper gathered her son.

Turns out her sister is the one who is pregnant.