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DaBaby Reaction To B. Simone’s Halloween Wedding Is Priceless

DaBaby has reacted to B. Simone’s mock wedding with him as her groom.

B. Simone has taken her obsession with DaBaby to a whole new level by hosting a mock wedding with a cardboard cutout of the Kirk rapper. A few weeks ago, Simone posted a lengthy caption on IG, where she detailed her obsession with DaBaby, and she even received a response from him. In case your unfamiliar with who B. Simone is, you can catch her on Lil Kim’s VH1 series Girls Cruise.

You can recall that she received some criticisms from some of the rapper’s fans who called her out for being thirsty. It’s now very clear that she could care less what anyone is saying about her massive crush on one of the most famous rappers out now.

“Happy Halloween from the KIRKS Thanks @blameitonkway and @jesshilarious_official for throwing the most epic “wedding reception” party with me ….But for real y’all, we really threw the most bomb ass Halloween party ever in ATL! Thank you to all the fans that bought tickets Sorry fo ya if you missed it I THINK I WON BEST COSTUME WHAT YALL THINK,” she wrote.

DaBaby has since posted her post on his IG Story with the caption,” If she don’t love me like [B. Simone] love me I can’t f**k with her.”

Some fans are trolling Simone claiming that she got curved by the rapper and she responded. “Curved , zig zagged , pretzel , swirl …. say what you want ! We are happy together God bless,” she wrote.

DaBaby is rumored to be married to his high school sweatheart, a claim that he has since denied. Perhaps this response is his way of saying, “don’t get me in trouble.”