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Rihanna Nabs Her Lines From PARTYNEXTDOOR’s Girlfriend On “Believe It”

Rihanna may have taken a verse originally belonging to PARTYNEXTDOOR’s girlfriend.

Now that Rihanna has emerged from her musical hiatus and graced us with even a few lines, there are all kinds of theories and information coming out about how she ended up on PARTYNEXTDOOR’s new album. The Bajan pop beauty is featured on the single “Believe It,” and there is now word that her part was originally meant for PND’s girlfriend, who remains unnamed. One of the producers of the single, Bizness Boi, told Rolling Stone that RiRi didn’t send over her verse until almost the last minute.

Fans of the song queen from Barbados have had their patience put to the test as they await RiRi’s ninth album. Rihanna has left the Navy hanging since the beginning of 2016 when she released “Anti”. The album included a heavy set of classics, such as “Work,” “Love on the Brain,” “Needed Me,” and “Kiss It Better,” but there are only so many times you can listen to them, you know? Loyal fans have been dying for the follow-up to the 2016 project, but RiRi hasn’t been playing nice — despite promises that “R9”, as it’s been dubbed, would be out in 2019. Instead, the 32-year-old teased fans in December by posting a meme of a dancing puppy, claiming it reflected her listening to the album by herself and refusing to release it!

As 2019 came and went, and 2020 has proven to be a rough year for everyone, there is at least a scrap of good news — we have new music featuring our favorite island girl! Sure, the track doesn’t belong to RiRi, and she only sings a total of five words, but we’ll take what we can get in these trying times. PARTYNEXTDOOR released “Believe It” on Thursday night, and members of the Rihanna Navy couldn’t have been more thrilled as the Bajan beauty graced the song with her vocals.

“GUYS RIHANNA HAS SPOKEN. SHE’S BACK.,” wrote a Twitter user. “SHE’S ONLY SINGING 5 WORDS BUT ITS A START PEOPLE. TODAY IS A GOOD DAY!” Another felt less optimistic, saying that Rihanna is likely to return to Fenty after singing those five words. One even joked that RiRi hadn’t even stepped into the studio and just sent a voice note of her line to PARTYNEXTDOOR!

We really do hope that this is just the appetizer to whet our palettes before the “R9” entrée!