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Future Went All Out On ‘Life Is Good’ Follow-up “Tycoon” Visual

Future portrays himself as a top dog in his new release titled “Tycoon.”

With almost three months already gone from this tumultuous year, “Tycoon” comes as the first solo release from the rap-star for 2020. His previous release, “Life Is Good,” was a joint venture with Canadian rapper Drake, which has sold over 2.5 million copies so far. “Tycoon” if firmly securing itself in history, making its place among other slamming Future track as he raps about all that makes him a boss. Being a boss is no fun if you aren’t able to flaunt your riches and power.

Future does just that by putting his many elaborate toys on display. Viewers get to witness him cruising around in his white Rolls-Royce Ghost before he head’s to his private yet, all while keeping his partner, a clear Ciara lookalike, by his side.

His fame and top-dog status are constantly tested, with four goons orchestrating to out him and his flame. They are met with a one-man opposition, who brandishes a pistol as soon as they enter the poolside in the crib occupied by the rapper.

While the video is pretty entertaining, Future goes hard on the verses, at the same time, giving fans a chorus to remember. He sings, “I’m a Ty-Tycoon that’s why they hate me, til they throw that sheet on me going crazy / got balencies’ on my feet they cannot take me, I know I ain’t gonna be deceased til I’m like eighty.”

The new release comes as a pleasant distraction from all the courthouse/baby mama drama Future has been occupied with since the start of 2020.

“Tycoon” can be streamed below.