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Gucci Mane Gifts Lil Baby New Icy 1017 Chain

Gucci Mane just made Lil Baby an honorary member of the Bricksquad.

Rappers show love to each other in a variety of ways, and its at times like these that we can all use a little more love sent our way. It seems Gucci Mane decided to bless Lil Baby with an iced-out care package in the form of a diamond-clad “1017” chain, and Lil Baby didn’t waste anytime showing off his new piece to his followers on Instagram. He captioned the close-up video of his new rocks with, “How the F*cc You Get a 1017 Ain’t You 4PF”. The numbers refer to Gucci Mane’s label, 1017 Eskimo, and Lil Baby’s label and brand, 4PF.

The caption continued, shouting out Ola Runt, who Gucci recently signed, saying, “Of Course Crazyyy You Kno @laflare1017 My Big Bro … preciate it vato @1olarunt Let’s Goooo #realatlanta”. Gucci replied to the post, sending a major compliment Baby’s way by saying, “U saved the city Vato.” Gucci Mane has been working hard to sign new artists to his label, with Ola Runt recently signing a million-dollar deal with the rapper who has been known to have an eye for the next big artist in the game.

It’s unclear if Lil Baby, Ola Runt, and Gucci Mane are all coming together on a collaborative deal or music-making venture at this point, or if the chain was simply a gesture of respect and admiration from one rapper to another. While hip-hop fans are especially eager for new projects at this insane time of widespread quarantine, collaborations and public performances are starting to seem less and less likely in the coming weeks.

Hopefully artists looking to make music together can find ways to do so from the comfort of their homes so that we can enjoy collaborations even in the era of social distancing.