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Future Loses Battle Against Alleged Baby Mama Eliza Reign, Couldn’t Prove She Was A Stalker

The drama between Future and the woman who claims to have given birth to his child continues.

It seems Future accused Eliza Reign of stalking last month after what he says has been a period of obsessive and erratic behavior that included threats and had him fearing for his life. According to Bossip, Future claimed that beginning in October of 2018, Eliza began threatening him with physical harm and public humiliation if he didn’t comply with her demands. However, it seems a judge has tossed the case, citing insufficient evidence.

Further details about the accusations include a claim that Reign was sending Future as many as fifty texts a day, until he was finally forced to change his number. The rapper also says that Eliza was harassing him online by spreading details of their past relationship for anyone who was interested. She also allegedly falsely accused members of Future’s entourage of threatening to kill her, and even said that Future himself wanted her dead.

To add insult to injury, Future also claims that Reign gave a podcast interview where she described his genitalia and their previous sex life. The court papers explain that the situation caused Future to suffer from “substantial emotional distress”.

The documents also claimed that Future is attempting to look out for the safety of his current girlfriend, Lori Harvey, by seeking a stalking charge. He stated, “[Reign] is now starting to make posts not only directed at me but my girlfriend as well.” He claimed that the circumstances are a result of his refusal to keep Reign in his life, saying, “…I will not be in a relationship with her and still do not know if the child is actually mine.” Hopefully a paternity test will soon bring some clarity to the issue.