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Future’s Alleged Baby Mama Told Judge He Has 7 Baby Mamas, Sex Life Not So Private

Future’s never ending baby mama saga continues.

The rapper dubbed The King of Fertility by social media is currently involved in a lawsuit with another woman who has been claiming for over a year now that Future is her daughter’s father. Future is now reportedly saying she “invaded his privacy” with this information. TMZ reports that Eliza Seraphin, whom Future claimed is utilizing the child as a chance to get cash out of him, has a receipts archives to have the claim excused. She especially disagreed with the rapper’s allegation of attack of his privacy, noting the various open issues he’s had with the moms of his other children.

Seraphin has contended that he ought not to have the option to sue for attack of security in a paternity case, since his sex partners, “are all documented and widely reported on the internet and discussed on social media. It is unknown why he would think this one would be any different,” the court documents state.

She also says that if he didn’t want her to discuss their child together, he should have taken the paternity test. Additionally, Seraphin remarked that it’s not a private matter when she has “had to resort to the court system because the child’s father refuses to acknowledge paternity.”

Future has grumbled about the accusation that he is the dad of the 11-month old baby girl, but Seraphin stated a claim worth some attention. “It should be noted that while [Future] has not admitted to being the child’s father, he has not actually denied it either,” she said.

Eliza Seraphin also confirmed what we all already thought that Future has at least seven baby mamas.

If you were the judge, in this case, what would you think of the evidence so far?