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Ari Lennox Freaks Out After Lakeith Stanfield Asks Her On A Date

Ari Lennox and Lakeith Stanfield might be going out soon if she takes him up on his offer.

Does movie actor and certified hottie Lakeith Stanfield want Ari Lennox to be his quarantine bae? The internet was buzzing about the two together after Lakeith asked Ari to go out with him in front of millions on Instagram. The invite not only came as a surprise to fans but also to Ari herself, who was on her Instagram live when it happened. The R&B singer was telling fans that she recently saw Lakeith’s new movie “The Photograph” which he stars in along with his Insecure co-star and executive producer Issa Rae. Ari said she went to the movie alone, and watching it made her think about just how “alone” she really is.

“I was just sitting there shedding tears, thinking of my god***n love life and how it’s exceedingly non-existent, how it’s just a pitiful mess,” the songwriter said live on insta. She was then met with the surprise of a lifetime when the star of the very movie she was discussing turned out to be watching her live. The widely admired Stanfield is apparently pretty smooth with the ladies in real life too not just movies. “Can you be my date? Let’s go,” Lakeith wrote on Ari Lennox’s live.

The singer became visibly flustered as she contemplated if only one millisecond whether to even entertain the idea. Awkwardly downplaying the date request as a joke and moving on to a random topic about some new instruments she bought, Ari looked lowkey intrigued by the idea of being wined and dined by Mr. Lakeith Stanfield.

“Lakeith, I don’t have time for this right now,” Ari said after reading his comment on her live. “Wait, you’re joking… wait I don’t have.. no,” she continued appearing a bit flustered. “We’re changing the subject because I heard some things,” she added before scampering off about other business while hinting that she was a bit thrown by the spontaneous gesture.

Who wouldn’t be? The actor is one of the most eligible bachelors in the industry, and well, you’ve seen this guy, right? “Insecure,” “Get Out,” “Someone Great” are just a few titles where you can find his gorgeous specimen doing his thing.

Though Ari tried her best to continue the live with a semblance of normalcy, it was painfully obvious that she was gushing over the movie star. I wonder if Lakeith feels the same way when he hears the singer’s sensational voice on the track.

Ari heightened the comedic edge after messing up a few syllables in her statements that followed her dismissing Lakeith’s ask. There was even a point during the time she was showcasing her new instruments that she completely blanked out when she tried to recall the word “quarantine.” Speaking on learning to make beats with all her new instruments she mentioned “I’m gonna learn to during this… um…during this… what the hell is this called? I don’t even know how to say anything right now,” she said. “During this… what the f**k are we experiencing right now?” the singer asked.

What are the odds that the handsome actor happened to be viewing her live as his movie was waxed lyrical by the poetic R&B singer? Could you see these two together?