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Pop Smoke Rolls-Royce Theft Charges Being Dropped: Reports

Pop Smoke could soon have a clean record if authorities concluded there is no point of prosecuting a dead man.

Prior to his sudden death, New York rapper Pop Smoke, bon Bashar Jackson, was arrested on charges of car theft. The “Welcome to the Party” rapper had come to an agreement with the owner of a Rolls Royce Wraith to use the luxury vehicle in a music video in California. In exchange for use of the car, Pop would provide VIP treatment for the owner at one of his shows.

All went well, but then Pop went AWOL. After reportedly not being able to reach the rapper, the owner reported his wheels as stolen. After returning from Paris Fashion Week, Pop got a rude welcome as he was arrested at the airport and charged with transporting a stolen vehicle across state lines. The car was found at his mother’s home in Brooklyn and the artist ultimately put the house up as collateral for his $250,000 bail.

While the case was still ongoing, Pop was murdered. Four intruders entered his home in the early hours of February 19th and administered shots, two of which proved fatal. The thought crossed many people’s minds that the home invasion had been a hit related to Pop’s failed attempt to return the Rolls.

A month after his death, the judge in the matter has now indicated that they could be planning to clear the 20-year-old’s name, according to Bossip. He issued an order that requires the U.S. Attorney’s Office to submit a status update on the case, with it assumed that motion for “nolle prosequi” is en route which means prosecutors would no longer move forward with litigation.

Let’s hope for Pop Smoke’s sake that they do.