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Nipsey Hussle Wannabe Doppelganger Went Viral Online, Angering Fans

This man is claiming to be Nipsey Hussle doppelganger on Facebook and going viral in the process, angering fans.

Even before his untimely death in 2019, Nipsey Hussle was synonymous with progress, growth, respect, and conscious rap music. His journey from the streets of Los Angeles to the ‘big times,’ is a true American dream. The assassination of a man of this caliber rightfully sparked protest and worldwide condemnation of the act. His legacy continues through his child and his wife, his clothing store, his many acts of humanitarianism, but most importantly, his music. His music has left a mark on persons all over the world. This means that an image of Nipsey Hussle should be unmistakable whenever you see one.

While that should be the case, nature, with a sprinkle of manmade sauce, has a way of really making things interesting.

What do we mean? Well, a strange post has been making the rounds on social media, which shows a man dressing up like the late rapper. In all honesty, his face does have a striking resemblance to Nipsey Hussle, sporting the same hairdo the rapper is most commonly seen in. The beard is also on point, and Nip seemed around the same slim built at the time of his death. As if the natural similarities weren’t bizarre enough, he drew the same face tattoos Nipsey had to his own countenance.

Nipsey’s fans were not too pleased about the act and took to namecalling to ease their pain that is still brewing after a year.

One fan wrote, “They calling him Nipsey Struggle.” Another joked, “The Jogging Continues,” drawing reference to one of Nipsey’s favorite phrases, “The Marathon Continues.”

It is hard to tell if he did it out of true love and respect for Nipsey Hussle or if it was a clout move—whatever the reason behind it, the fans are not too fond of him posing as the late rapper. One person did have a great suggestion, highlighting someone should get in touch with the lookalike and possibly cast him for a role in Nipsey’s biopic, that’s if one is ever put together.

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